Saturday, July 25, 2009

XXV Preparatory SERC School in Theoretical High Energy Physics

The next Preparatory SERC school in Theoretical High Energy Physics is to be held from October 4-30, 2009 at the Department of Physics, IIT Madras. The Director of the school is Dr. Prasanta K. Tripathy of IIT Madras.

Courses (Lecturers):

  • Quantum Field Theory (S. Govindarajan, IITM);
  • Group Theory (H.S. Sharatchandra, IMSc);
  • Particle Physics and the Standard Model (S. Umasankar, IITB Sourov Roy, IACS );
  • General Relativity and Cosmology (G. Date, IMSc) and
  • Statistical Methods in Physics (D. Indumathi, IMSc)
Prerequisites: Special Theory of Relativity, Relativistic Kinematics, Relativistic Quantum Mechanics, Electromagnetism in 4-vector notation

Further details are available at the homepage of the school. Interested graduate students may visit the site for further details.

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  1. Friends, today only I come to know about this preparatory serc school. the deadline is 15th August, but the application form can not be downloaded.
    can any body help?
    thank you..