Monday, April 22, 2013

HEP Openings at IIT Guwahati

IIT Guwahati is expected to have Faculty selection by end of May this year (2013). 

Please send in the application as soon as possible, as the Department has started short listing of the applications. We are expected to fill three or more positions in the field of High Energy Physics this time. We invite applications from motivated, young and dynamic researchers with three years of postdoctoral experience, having good academic record. Specifically, we are looking for one or two experimentalist working/planning to work with LHC (CMS/ATLAS) experiments or neutrino physics experiments (Nova, LBNE, INO); one or two theorists preferably working in the phenomenology of particle physics in areas related to the interests of the HEP group of IITG.  

Current interests of the group include -- collider phenomenology beyond the standard model, astroparticle physics and cosmology, QCD, low-energy effective field theory and hadron physics, neutrino physics (expt: Nova, LBNE, INO + pheno), Electroweak Precision, CP violation, Heavy Flavour Physics (Phenomenology, and expt: Belle and Belle II), AdS/CFT and its various application, Cosmological model building.  

Apart from this, we invite applications from formal theoretical high energy physicists with good academic credentials and ability to initiate activities in this direction.

Presently the HEP group members are: 
Faculty members: Four 
Arunansu Sil ( -- Theory, Phenomenology 
Bipul Bhuyan ( -- Experiments 
Debaprasad Maity ( -- Theory 
P.Poulose ( -- Theory, Phenomenology 
Soumitra Nandi ( -- Theory, Phenomenology 
Udit Raha ( Theory, Phenomenology 

PhD students: Eight 
Other JRF (R&D Project): Four 

How to apply? 

Please send your application in the prescribed form provided at Please send a hard copy to the address provided. In addition, please send a soft copy to with a copy to any of the HEP group members. Reference letters may also be sent by e-mail to and

Please send in the application as soon as possible, as the Department has started short listing of the applications (preferably within first week of June). if there are any queries, please do let us know. 

Best regards, 
HEP Group, IIT Guwahati